Activities and events

Sights and activities in Alvdal

  • Fishing in the Glåma river and other nearby lakes
  • Rønningen-Storfjellet cultural heritage trail (we have available maps at the reception)
  • Gravel roads and trails well suited for cycling.
  • Hikes in nearby forests and mountains on marked trails.
  • Jutulhogget nature reserve (information brochure available at the reception)
  • Tronfjell (1666 meters above sea level) with a road accessible by car to the top.
  • Huset Aukrust is a museum and activity center for the whole family.
  • Husantunet Rural Museum
  • Visit the town of Lille-Elvdalen (the commercial center of Alvdal).
  • You can find the event calendar for cultural activities in Alvdal on
  • There are many exciting hiking suggestions available on the Alvdal Turforening website.
  • In winter, there are approximately 100 km of groomed cross-country ski trails in Alvdal.
  •

Ideas for activities and day trips in our neighboring municipalities.




  • The Bull museum



  • The mining town and its many cultural heritage sites.
  • Visit the webpage of Visit Røros and Østerdalen for more information.
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