Practical information

Hyttene skal være klare for dere fra kl. 14:00 ankomstdag.

Avreise innen kl. 11:00, avreisedag.  Andre tider kan avtales.

Sanitary facilities are used when renting cabins without running water. Shower with coin-operated system from NOK 10,-. 10,-

If bringing a dog into the cabin, there is an additional fee of NOK 100,- per night.

Firewood for heating the cabin is included in the rental price. Firewood for other uses can be purchased in small sacks at NOK 80,- per sack.

Rental of bed linen: NOK 120,- per set.
Cleaning of the cabin upon departure: NOK 300,-, NOK 500,-, NOK 1000,-. Price for cleaning depends on the cabin and length of stay.

It is not allowed to enter the barn or the fields where our animals are located without prior agreement with us.